Our story

Passed on from generation to generation, our love, passion and expertise for making delicious, high quality olives still holds true today.

The Crespo Mission

Crespo's mission is to offer olives of consistent high quality with characteristics and a unique taste that will be appreciated by olive lovers.

This is our mission, passed on from father to son, where yesterday's values are still respected today.

A story of two brothers…

Since the early nineteen hundreds Crespo olives have been known for their taste and unique quality. In the 1950’s in Algeria, Henri and Antoine Crespo started producing olives in tins for the French market, and it is here they laid the foundations for the Brand.

Our current production plants in Seville and Marrakech as well as our distribution system in France were founded by the brothers Henri and Antoine in the 1960’s.

100 years of history

And still market leaders

Crespo’s passion and dedication to producing great olives ensures you get the tastiest, best quality olives possible. And we are the No 1 Brand in the market still as we have been for years!


Olive experts

A family firm with a passion for olives

The Crespo brand has become a true signature of quality on the world stage: its characteristic red and green colours can be found in 40 countries, in small stores, in supermarkets and at catering events.


Tasty & wholesome olive snacks

Delicious snacks for on-the-go and kids love them too!


Antipasto olives & capers full of goodness

Perfect as a snack, starter or throwing in to your favourite dishes