Our history

The Crespo Brand has a long and deep rooted heritage in producing and selling high quality, great tasting olives.

Where it all began

A Mediterranean passion since 1921

The art of preparing olives has been passed down the Crespo family from generation to generation. For nearly a century, Crespo has become known as the Mediterranean’s most trusted olive brand, as it gained a reputation for quality, delicious olives.

In the early 1920’s, the Crespo family started to marinate olives for their friends and family. They were such a success that the family started to sell them along with other Mediterranean food.

In the 1950's in Algeria, Henri and Antoine Crespo began to export to the French market and their passion for olives laid the foundations for the Crespo Brand. After the Algerian independence in the 1 960’s, Crespo's acquired olive groves in Seville and Marrakech and started exporting Crespo Olives into other European markets and America in the 1980’s.

The Crespo journey

Where we are now

The Crespo brand remains family run and loved to this date. Our passion for olives has never faltered and we strive to offer the very best to our customer and consumers every day.

With manufacturing in both Spain and Marrakech, we can ensure we continue to offer the best quality and best tasting olives all year round.

Our continued hope and vision for Crespo is that we carry on delivering the best quality olives to our customers and consumers, ensuring we continue to hold true to our unique family values and providing the best possible service.

1950 to 2015 - Original traditions still alive today 59% market share - Brand leader in ambient olives No. 1 in pouches - Driving growth in snacking 29% yoy growth - Continued quality & new products

Olive experts

A family firm with a passion for olives

The Crespo brand has become a true signature of quality on the world stage: its characteristic red and green colours can be found in 40 countries, in small stores, in supermarkets and at catering events.


Tasty & wholesome olive snacks

Delicious snacks for on-the-go and kids love them too!


Antipasto olives & capers full of goodness

Perfect as a snack, starter or throwing in to your favourite dishes