Pitted Dry Black Olives

Pitted Dry Black Olives

with herbs

The best olives are selected, pitted and cured in salt, before being marinated to achieve this traditional, distinctive flavour. Les Olive du Marché bring a new dimension to your salads, parties and everyday snacks!

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Available sizes: 70g &150g


Pitted Dry Black olives with herbs

Black Olives (96%), Salt, Olive Oil, Herbs, Stabiliser (ferrous gluconate), preservative (potassium sorbate).

Storage information: Refrigerate after opening and use
within seven days.

Warning: This product may contain olive stones, eat with care.


If you are looking for some great recipes to add our delicious Crespo olives to go to our recipe inspiration page. Whether you're looking for healthy mediterranean style recipes or ideas for snacks and lunches we've many exciting recipes to choose from.

Nutrition Information

Per 100g
Energy kcal 335
Energy kJ 1380
Fat (g/100g) 33.8
Of which saturates 3.88
Carbohydrate(g/100g) 3.7
Sugar(g/100g) 0.8
Dietary Fibre(g/100g) 4.7
Protein(g/100g) 1.7
Salt (g/100g) 6.5

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